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InvestCapital LTD is a prominent securitization company, acting in accordance with Maltese Securitisation Act and being supervised by the Maltese institution regulating financial services - Malta Financial Services Authority. The Company may perform securitization on assets, such as: receivables, bonds, investment certificates, shares.

The  clear aim of the Company is to be a top player in receivables portfolios acquisitions across the European regions where the Company operates.

The Company actively pursues the acquisition of unsecured debt portfolios and bonds.

The main markets where the Company is acquiring assets are :

Business partners of InvestCapital LTD are operating in segments ranging from banking and non-banking financial sectors to utilities and telecommunications operators.

InvestCapital Ltd promotes cooperation on mutually beneficial business terms and solutions, understanding present and potential business partners needs and aiming to find the best win-win business solutions. This is achieved with the support of  its committed professional staff, flexibility and friendly approach.


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2015     Registration of InvestCapital LTD as a Securitization Vehicle in the register provided by Malta Financial Services Authority

2016     Launch of securitization activity – purchases of first debt portfolios

2017     Execution of a EUR 250m revolving facility agreement with a syndicate of four banks to finance further growth in Europe


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Securitization of receivables is suitable for important finance projects of banks, financial institutions, telecoms, insurance, leasing companies and other similar commercial organizations. Creditors use securitization as a financial tool to dispose of, in an easy and quick manner, of their receivables. They also transfer the risk associated with the assets. Securitization is considered to be a good practice to bring capital, so much needed for the business liquidity and improvement of various financial ratios.


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